Ticket Type
Town Elders ($200.00 + bf)
Town Legends ($220.00 + bf)
Town Tricksters ($230.00 + bf)
Town Travellers ($240.00 + bf)
Town Car Pass ($20.00 + bf)

Please note all suburbs are walk in camping except for vanland and the caravan park.

Hostel Rooms

All rooms include a bed for 3 nights in  shared bedroom, private toilets and showers.  If you would like to camp as a group, message admin@culturejam.com.au
1 Bed in Hostel Shared Room ($79) BUY NOW

Caravans/Buses/Camping Trailers

We are only able to accommodate regular cars and small vans.  There is a caravan park right next to the site (30 second walk) that has room for caravans,. We will be allowing trailers for theme camps for those who want to bring cool decor bits for their campsite setup.

Name Changes/Re-sending Tickets

You can change the name on your ticket, or re-send yourself your ticket HERE.

Ticketing Inquiries

If you have any questions regarding ticketing please email tickets@festivaldirector.com.au